IVtoHVE is a standalone program that allows the user to convert a geometry file from SGI Inventor (*.iv) format to an HVE compatible geometry file (*.h3d) format.  This useful program can handle both scene and vehicle geometry files.  Its user-editable template files allow the user to create an HVE scene or vehicle using standard layer names and, when those names are passed through the IVtoHVE conversion program, the objects described by those layers will behave consistently.  For example, a layer name in your drawing program of ROAD might be configured to pass through the IVtoHVE conversion so that every ROAD object has the same color, texture mapping, and friction factor value.  This program is intended to streamline an HVE user's workflow and produce a consistent and repeatable product.

Contact Collision Engineering Associates if you are interested in purchasing a license for IVtoHVE.