SERVICES - Truck Systems

Heavy trucks may present unique challenges to the reconstructionist. The weights of these vehicles may vary by 50,000 pounds or more from vehicle to vehicle or from day to day for the same vehicle. In addition, the weight on each axle set can affect the performance of the vehicle.  We have portable truck scales to measure those weights under either a fast response scenario or by appointment.

Air brakes operate differently than hydraulic brakes on passenger cars and must be analyzed differently. Brake forces can be calculated, but the reconstructionist must have special training in order to correctly complete such an analysis. ECMs (Electronic Control Modules) may contain several seconds of vehicle data, including wheel speed, engine speed, etc. However, special tools are required to capture this evidence.

Collision Engineering has tools to help document the evidence and analyze crashes involving heavy trucks. Some of these tools include:

  • Detroit Diesel ECM imaging equipment
  • Caterpillar ECM imaging equipment
  • Cummins ECM imaging equipment
  • PACCAR DAVIE4 software
  • International NED and DLB software
  • Synercon FLA/TruckCRYPT hardware and software
  • Bendix ACOM Pro software
  • WABCO Toolbox software
  • Haldex Trailer ABS Diagnostics software
  • Eaton Service Ranger software
  • Allison DOC software
  • Link-Radlinski ABS-Expert diagnostic equipment
  • Portable heavy duty truck scales
  • Computer models of tractor-trucks
  • And more....