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SERVICES - Forensic Mapping

Crash evidence (scene and vehicles) is often measured with a measuring tape or roll-a-tape. Sometimes this detail is sufficient. However, when simple methods do not give the details needed, electronic measuring equipment allows us to preserve the resolution required, quickly and accurately.

Reasons to use Forensic Mapping:

  • Higher Resolution of Scene Evidence
  • 3-Dimensional Data Collection
  • More Evidence Documented
  • Safer Operation in High Traffic
  • 3-Dimensional Vehicle Damage Points
  • Especially Useful For Simulations
  • Only Requires 1 Person (in most cases)

Tools used:

  • Leica TS15 Robotic Total Station
  • FARO Focus3D s120 and x330 Laser Scanners
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro aerial drones
  • Photogrammetry


Collision Engineering Associates, Inc. 

2812 N. Norwalk, Suite 123
Mesa, AZ  85215


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