The Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) tool is a device which allows us to access data stored in many airbag equipped vehicles. Collision Engineering uses the Bosch CDR tool and our personnel have been extensively trained to image (download) and analyze the data obtained.

Depending on the vehicle, this data may include:

  • Vehicle speed measured at the transmission
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Brake switch on/off
  • Percent throttle
  • Seat belt status ("buckled" or "not buckled")
  • Airbag warning lamp status
  • Ignition cycles (deployment / imaging)
  • Delta-V (speed change)
  • Crash pulse
  • And more....

Using data retrieved from a vehicle computer system can add valuable evidence to the case. This data should not be used without an accident reconstruction, which provides the proper context for interpretation. The data may be limited in what parameters are recorded and how often the data is stored (i.e., the frequency of the data). These computer modules are not the "black boxes" from the aviation community. However, with careful interpretation and as part of an analysis, the data can be very useful in understanding what happened. We have the training to provide expertise in interpreting the data obtained.

Access the Bosch CDR Coverage List here.