SERVICES - 3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning, also known as high definition surveying, is a technology that is used for measuring objects and environments.  The measurements collected by the laser scanner can be used to generate digital models for use in analysis, animations, or scientific visualizations.  We use the FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner to accomplish these tasks, which is capable of collecting more than 500,000 points per second.  This scanner is in wide use across a number of disciplines (industrial design, reverse engineering, crime scene analysis, etc.) and is able to produce point cloud data sets in industry standard formats.

The FARO Focus3D x330 Laser Scanner allows us to quickly and accurately document collision scenes and crushed vehicles as part of our accident reconstruction service, but the scanner also enables us to offer our clients 3D scanning output for a multitude of other applications.  We are equipped to handle your scanning projects, large or small.  Contact us to discuss your 3D scanning project today.

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